The revolutionary genetic identity test for cannabis


Better cannabis through genomic science

Unlock the mystery of your cannabis varieties with a groundbreaking exploration of ancestral, relationship, stability and uniqueness data. A digital genetic report gives you a comprehensive profile of your variety including closest relatives, clonal relationships, uniqueness score, population origin, variation and distant cultivars. Dynamic functionality means your report is updated in real-time as new varieties are added to our database.


Protect yourself against false patent claims.

Document the possession of your cannabis varieties with a time-stamped certificate of authenticity, and help defend your intellectual property by sharing sequence data in the Open Cannabis Project’s database of prior art. But we will never share your data without your permission. It’s your choice—always.

Make your brand trustworthy and unforgettable.

Growers and breeders are seeking creative ways to differentiate and legitimize their brands in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Phylos Genotype includes Galaxy placement and a shareable link to your Constellation—a custom view that highlights every one of your varieties.

“We pride ourselves on selecting unique strains. Phylos Genotype confirmed that our Panda Cookies and OG Chem, while related to the names everyone knows, are unique and genetically rare.”

Andrew Guy
Master Grower
Grow Op Farms

“We were pleased to discover that our Kauai P&G has extremely rare genetics, finally confirming what we believed about this variety.”

River Young
Vice President
Orean Life

“Population Origins is the holy grail….this dataset quantifies the specific cultivar percentages in our strains and allows us to get a better idea of the efforts of our breeding. I was fairly certain, by plant characteristics, of a percentage of landrace genetics in the Champagne line and this section confirmed and quantified it. Nicely done.

Genetic Variation is very useful in determining how true breeding our cultivars are and which genetics will yield the highest number of phenotypes. In line breeding, this is highly valuable information.

This is an excellent resource for a breeder!”

Alan Wade
Master Grower
AW Cannabis

How it Works

Genotype test kits contain instructions for collecting a .5 gram stem sample (approximately 3 inches of thin stem) and a pre-paid return envelope. You’ll receive results in approximately 4-6 weeks after we receive your samples.

We use Next Generation Sequencing technology to read the genome of your plant sample. We then carefully analyze its genetic relationship to every other sample in our database—from landraces to modern day varieties.

All pricing includes the cost of sample collection kits and testing.

No hidden fees.

Phylos Genotype - Single Test Kit





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