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As reported by The Portland Mercury

What’s in a Strain Name? Not Much, It Turns Out.

Prior to cannabis legalization, you rolled the dice with every purchase from your “agricultural products broker”—AKA your friendly neighborhood weed dealer. Many a transaction had me asking if there was “any more of that lime-green stuff from last week” or “that pot that tasted like oranges.” Every once in a while, I would be told that what I was buying was a unique strain the grower had developed, or sourced…

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As reported by Zak Powers

The Yard: Sexing

Zak Powers visits Phylos to unlock the mysteries of the sex test with VP of Research and Development, Jessica Kristof. From seedlings to results, learn how it’s done step-by-step.

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As reported by The Kindland

How Plant Genomics Is Bringing in the Next Age of Super Weed

A botanical revolution is raging across all major agricultural sectors, and with the rise of legal cannabis as a cash crop, science could boost the quality of your weed too. Go ahead and fire up your anticipation! The latest discoveries in genomics, or the science behind structure, function, evolution, and the mapping of genomes in plants, are destined to go up in smoke—in a good way.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Cannabis Strains

Used to be, once a year, every year, they’d show us a short film in junior high math classes. Which was the only day of math I ever enjoyed, because The Powers of Ten, directed by design legends Ray and Charles Eames in 1977, was and remains the most brilliant illustration of magnitude I’ve ever seen. Year after year, each time they plowed that honkin’ old gray projector cart in…

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