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As reported by The Kindland

How Plant Genomics Is Bringing in the Next Age of Super Weed

A botanical revolution is raging across all major agricultural sectors, and with the rise of legal cannabis as a cash crop, science could boost the quality of your weed too. Go ahead and fire up your anticipation! The latest discoveries in genomics, or the science behind structure, function, evolution, and the mapping of genomes in plants, are destined to go up in smoke—in a good way.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Cannabis Strains

Used to be, once a year, every year, they’d show us a short film in junior high math classes. Which was the only day of math I ever enjoyed, because The Powers of Ten, directed by design legends Ray and Charles Eames in 1977, was and remains the most brilliant illustration of magnitude I’ve ever seen. Year after year, each time they plowed that honkin’ old gray projector cart in…

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As reported by Fox 12 News

Portland company changing way marijuana industry understands cannabis with 3D map

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland company is changing the way the marijuana industry understands cannabis, by mapping the plant’s evolution in 3D. Researchers say what they’ve uncovered is surprising even growers across the country. The Phylos Galaxy is a 3D visualization of the cannabis world that’s been two years in the making. It’s essentially a consumer buying guide of the future that is changing the way many in the industry think…

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As reported by Cannabis Business Times

Gene Wars: The genetic landscape may be about to change dramatically and affect growers everywhere.

Where will you source the marijuana cultivars you intend to grow? Given that there are thousands of cultivars available today, with many more to come, do you know where they have come from and how you will utilize them? Many fail to recognize the importance of genetic diversity. However, genetic diversity is why not all seeds are created equal. Therefore, the clones, seeds and tissue cultures produced from different cultivars…

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