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How Plant Genomics Is Bringing in the Next Age of Super Weed

A botanical revolution is raging across all major agricultural sectors, and with the rise of legal cannabis as a cash crop, science could boost the quality of your weed too. Go ahead and fire up your anticipation! The latest discoveries in genomics, or the science behind structure, function, evolution, and the mapping of genomes in plants, are destined to go up in smoke—in a good way.

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Gene Wars: The genetic landscape may be about to change dramatically and affect growers everywhere.

Where will you source the marijuana cultivars you intend to grow? Given that there are thousands of cultivars available today, with many more to come, do you know where they have come from and how you will utilize them? Many fail to recognize the importance of genetic diversity. However, genetic diversity is why not all seeds are created equal. Therefore, the clones, seeds and tissue cultures produced from different cultivars…

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Mowgli Holmes: Creating the Cannabis Family Tree

Mowgli Holmes is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Phylos Bioscience, a cannabis genomics firm whose mission includes telling the evolutionary story of the cannabis plant. Mowgli recently joined our podcast host Shango Los for a discussion of what his research has uncovered to date, how long ago humans began to cultivate cannabis, how Phylos Bioscience is building a 3D map of cannabis genomics, and more. Listen to the full interview below,…

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The Man Mapping the Marijuana Genome is Changing the Weed Game

Because he’s a scientist, not a back-slapping venture capitalist, Mowgli Holmes loathes using the term networking to describe even the portion of his job that entails shaking hands in the cannabis industry. But it was networking that brought the chief scientific officer of Phylos Bioscience in Portland, Oregon, to Las Vegas in November 2014 to attend the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo—and to smoke a massive joint with one of…

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