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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Cannabis Strains

Used to be, once a year, every year, they’d show us a short film in junior high math classes. Which was the only day of math I ever enjoyed, because The Powers of Ten, directed by design legends Ray and Charles Eames in 1977, was and remains the most brilliant illustration of magnitude I’ve ever seen. Year after year, each time they plowed that honkin’ old gray projector cart in…

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Gene Wars: The genetic landscape may be about to change dramatically and affect growers everywhere.

Where will you source the marijuana cultivars you intend to grow? Given that there are thousands of cultivars available today, with many more to come, do you know where they have come from and how you will utilize them? Many fail to recognize the importance of genetic diversity. However, genetic diversity is why not all seeds are created equal. Therefore, the clones, seeds and tissue cultures produced from different cultivars…

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Mowgli Holmes: Creating the Cannabis Family Tree

Mowgli Holmes is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Phylos Bioscience, a cannabis genomics firm whose mission includes telling the evolutionary story of the cannabis plant. Mowgli recently joined our podcast host Shango Los for a discussion of what his research has uncovered to date, how long ago humans began to cultivate cannabis, how Phylos Bioscience is building a 3D map of cannabis genomics, and more. Listen to the full interview below,…

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