Robert Connell Clarke

As reported by Cannabis Business Times

Gene Wars: The genetic landscape may be about to change dramatically and affect growers everywhere.

Where will you source the marijuana cultivars you intend to grow? Given that there are thousands of cultivars available today, with many more to come, do you know where they have come from and how you will utilize them? Many fail to recognize the importance of genetic diversity. However, genetic diversity is why not all seeds are created equal. Therefore, the clones, seeds and tissue cultures produced from different cultivars…

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What is The Cannabis Evolution Project?

The talented team members at Phylos Bioscience, along with a well-qualified scientific advisory board including Robert Connell Clarke (Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany) and Rob DeSalle (curator and phylogeneticist at the American Museum of Natural History), are comparing the genetic sequences of cannabis strains to create an evolutionary map of cannabis. With over 1,100 cannabis strains analyzed so far, The Cannabis Evolution Project is already revealing some much-needed information regarding the…

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